the path to the podcast

It all started when we finally said yes! to our creative cravings

We are late twenty-somethings in the process of finally chasing a serious craving to create... specifically, to create a podcast and community. It takes a lot of work, but it’s fun and rewarding. We say finally because we’ve wanted to do this for well over 5 years. You might be thinking “Wow, 5 years?! That’s a long time to wait.” The truth is, life can change in a moment— the moment we decide to chase a craving, take the first small step, and do not give up on it, even if we experience self-doubt. Lauren discovered an inspiring podcast that helps creatives understand their own barriers, break them down, and overcome them. One day, Lauren told Sari about that inspiring podcast. A year later, Sari enrolled herself and Lauren in a course taught by that mentor and her incredible team, and the rest is history. It is easy to chase food cravings, but laying the foundation for a brand and business — that is hard, and scary, and messy, and refreshing all at once.


So, here’s our story now:

We have reflected on our lives, concepted show ideas, researched microphones, learned how to use audio editing software, written drafts of scripts, spent weekends learning how to build a website, built a website, studied the elements of creating an online brand and business, downloaded new software, created 6,000 passwords, cursed at our technology, cut music tracks, took dance breaks, hopped on virtual video office hours twice a week, jumped onto webinars, cried a little, laughed at each other, pitched to producers, talked with inspiring people, and traveled to podcast and creative entrepreneurship workshops to bring you this show and more.

If YOU are ready to learn from people who did not ignore their cravings to create, and turned them into paths towards profit and impact, you’ll love the Creative Cravings podcast and other offerings. Along with our guests, we mix in some awesome food and travel recommendations for you to add to your own bucket lists. You deserve to live life to the fullest — with the ingredients that matter most to you — and we’re grateful to be helping you to create that fulfilling recipe.