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Now accepting commissions!

Would you or someone you know like for us, Creative Cravings co-founders, to write a rhyming acrostic poem for you? (Fun fact: We got this talent from our mom, by the way! You can learn more about that in Episode 12.)

This is perfect for you if:

You handmade or purchased a gift for someone, but you’d love to make it extra special with a thoughtful poem.

You enjoy sharing photos and other visual content on social media for your brand/business, and/or personal accounts, but sometimes you get stuck on how to keep it fun & fresh. Basically, you want to spice it up!

How it works:

It’s simple — you give us the inspiration & information by filling out the interest form below, and we will contact you to work out timeline and pricing. We will then work our word magic and send you back the rhyming acrostic creation via email!

Here is an example of the word-magic we can create, inspired by lots of fall baking, here in Chicago:

Please tell us (comment below), what’s your favorite ingredient to cook with this fall?

U will definitely guess ours as soon as you read this poem, y’all!

Maybe you already got the hint from the photos; we’re all about pumpkins galore

Pumpkin banana chocolate chip muffins, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin mac ’n cheese & more

Kitchen smells of brown sugar cinnamon seeds roasting in the oven are delicious

Into butternut squash soup they go — this feast was fun to make but a little ambitious

Need the recipes? We promise, Google will be your best friend…

Swipe through to see the whole process of making the muffins, from beginning to end!

Every year we feel so grateful to be able to change and grow with the seasons

And now’s the time to reflect on the ups & downs of the year, for oh so many reasons

Soon (in 3 months) it will be 2020, a chance to start over again, to open a new door

On to new adventures, continued paths, and creative cravings to explore

Note to self — believe in yourself, there’s so much goodness in store.


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